Content Writing is one of the services we offer at Marketive. And in all honesty, I didn’t know what content writing was. However, since becoming a content writer, I see the importance of it, and not just because it’s my job, and I now see content writing being used everywhere. In this article, We’ll explain what content writing is, what it includes and a brief history.

What exactly is Content Writing?

Let’s make this easier by explaining what content is (in terms of content writing). Content is all the written information and text on a website. Everything from Headings and Paragraphs to menus and call to action forms is all content.  So Content Writing is when a Content Writer, researches, writes and edits content for use on a website. 

Marketive Content Writers

At Marketive our Content Writers do work through the standard process of Research, Write and Edit, but we have some extras, as we write with SEO in mind, to help enhance websites and increase their rank on Google Search Results. We use different software to help writing this way. Below is our general process. 

  • Research – Once we know the topic, which is generally the product or services a business offer, we get to work researching these so we can write about them. From the initial consultation, we will also have information on the company, which helps us know what phrases to use and how to talk about the company.
  • Optimiser Software – Once the research is done, we will have access to a tool to help us write with SEO in mind. This tool tells us what words we should be using, how long the text should be and how many subheadings to use. At this point, we generally just have a quick look over it to see what it wants. 
  • Writing – Then we get to writing the content. We will often continue research while writing as sometimes you discover different sub-topics to talk about while writing, but need to research them further to be able to accurately talk about them. We also check the Optimiser software from time to time to make sure we are on track.
  • Editing – Once the content is written, we edit it as all written content is. We proofread it and use tools to help us check the grammar and spelling, along with the readability. Once edited, we look at the optimiser software in more depth to see what words and information need added or removed. 
  • Proofread – Once we are happy with the writing and optimiser, we proofread again to make sure there are no errors and that it reads well. 

Content Marketing vs. Content Writing; What’s the difference?

Content Marketing is a term you will likely come across if you search online for Content Writing, but what is Content Marketing and what is the difference between the two?

Content Marketing is the plan of ways to use content to generate leads and increase sales, whereas Content Writing is the act of writing and using the content on a website. So simply put, Content Marketing is the overall plan of how to use content and Content Writing is the act of creating and using the content. 

What does Content Writing Include?

Content Writing is mainly used for writing accurate and engaging content webpages, however, it can be used for other purposes too. 

We offer content writing for websites, as part of our SEO services and as an optional element for our Web Design Services

We can also write product reviews to be used on a website, where we will accurately represent the product while engaging the reader and providing useful information and benefits to the product. This helps the product stand out from competitors and helps build a sense of trust with the reader, who is more likely to purchase your product.

We can also write for advertising campaigns, such as email or Pay per Click adverts, to help drive customers to your website or to subscribe. 

A Brief History of Content Marketing and Writing

Content Writing and Marketing has become very popular in recent years, however, the principles of Content Writing dates back further than you probably expect. 

The First Era


John Deere first published a magazine called “The Furrow” back in 1895. This agricultural magazine was the first to include advertorials. The Furrow is still published to this day. (An Advertorial is an advertisement in the form of an article, fitting with the editorial theme of magazines.)

Late 1890s

Other brands most notably Michelin and Procter & Gamble, began publishing magazines. This was a new way for brands to interact to interact with their customers. 


Michelin and Procter & Gambles magazines were doing well and it was expected as these were high-quality publications. The information was well researched, provided valuable information to customers and was well designed. 

The Michelin Guide started as a free travel guide, to increase the demand for cars. Even though this guide was first published in the 1900s people are still competing for the highly sought after Michelin Stars.


Procter & Gamble took content marketing into audio, through the production of radio and television programming, in partnership with different brands.


Lego launched its own magazine called Brick Kicks. This is still published today but now it’s called Lego Club Magazine. 

The Second Era

The 2000s 

Content Marketing and Writing enters the digital age, with new online publications such as blogs, reports, articles and ebooks. 


In 2004, the word “Blog” was declared the word of the year by Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, proving just how popular blogs had become. During this time, Content Marketing and Writing had also expanded into videos, webinars and podcasts.


By now the internet had grown drastically, and content was everywhere. Content now ranges from amazing quality to being downright awful and difficult to read. Cutting through the lower quality content becomes a challenge, and the focus for content marketing changes to focussing high quality, customer-centric content. Combined with a need for a strong distribution strategy. 

GE (General Electric) a huge company, launches a branded podcast called “The Message”, which achieved around 4.4 million downloads.


In 2016, it was reported that around 88% of all brands use Content Marketing and Writing. 

From here, the internet has and still is growing, although the focus on high-quality content, remains the same today. 


Contact us if your interested in acquiring our content writing services or visit our about us page to learn more about us here at Marketive.

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