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 Creative Content Writing Work Scotland

Content Writing and Writers based in Scotland

A websites content is what we call all the written information on a website. Content Writing is the role of writing well-written content to help improve websites and can be used in many ways and we offer it with our services. Save yourself the time and hassle of writing, and work with us. Marketive can help your website stand out with enjoyable and engaging content.

Entrepreneur Website

Are you looking to improve your website?

We can help you improve your content and and build up your website so it better represents your business, and is viewed by more visitors.

Portfolio Website

Do you have a great digital portfolio website, that isn't get any views? Our team can help by optimising your text to accurately describe your work and engage more visitors. 

Businesses Website

Is your content not attracting customers?

Our team can help by writing engaging content that will grab readers attention and encourage them to subscribe and to make a purchase. 

Why is Content Important?

The content on your website is very important. You need to make sure it is relevant, accurate and up to date, so that visitors to your site can see what your business is and what the products or services you offer are. 

However, the content serves another very important function. The content is what directly decides your position on search engine results. Google analyses the content for many things and will decide whether your website is relevant to the users' search, and where you rank in comparison to hundreds of other sites. So your content needs to be well written, easy to understand and read and be an accurate representation of your business, products or services.  All the while it also has to make use of relevant keywords and be unique to you.

Improve your Content and Website with Marketive

Does your content need updated and upgraded? Our content writers are ready to help. We offer a Free 30-minute consultation, so get in touch with us now. 

Marketive Creative Content Services

If you need content written, then we can provide that for almost all your needs. We offer it as an add-on to our Web Design and SEO services. However, we can also work with you for product reviews, email campaigns and advertising campaigns, such as Pay per Click. Please get in touch if you have any questions or require our services. We offer these services across Scotland, from Glasgow and Edinburgh up to Aberdeen and Dundee.

Content Writing Icon

We offer Content Writing as a stand-alone service. This can be used for product reviews, advertising campaigns and email campaigns. This can be beneficial to describe your product or service in an engaging manner that is also informative and accurate.

We can help with content for advertising campaigns, such as Pay per Click. Well-written text will be more likely to attract customers, and keep them reading. Email campaigns are used by everyone now, so you want to keep your subscribers interested and engaged by your emails, as this leads to more repeat purchases and more interaction with your client base. 

Web Design Icon

Content Writing is an optional addition to our Web Design service. Although we highly recommend you opt for it too, and here is why. 

You are getting a new website created for your business. This will be a fresh digital platform for your business, and you want people to see it, visit and interact with it.

By opting in for content writing, our content writers will create the best content for your site. This will not only engage readers, and accurately describe the businesses products and services, but it will also be written to work with search engines. This means the search engines can read and understand your content as well, so it will show your website higher and more often on relevant searches. This will get you more visibility and more visitors, which will lead to more sales and leads.

SEO Icon

Search Engine Optimisation is where we take your website, and improve it, so it can work better with search engines. In this service, we analyse your website and see what can be improved. 

There is a lot in this service however content writing comes in when we check the text against your competitors. We decide on a keyword with you, this word relates to the service or product for each page, then our writers will write content for each page. They use software to help them optimise the writing, and make use of keywords and other relevant keywords.

The Content writers also make sure headings and subheadings include keywords. Along with all of the SEO side to the content writing, they also write so a visitor can easily understand it, and is engaged by it. This helps boost the visibility of your website, which leads to more visitors, more sales and more leads.

The Benefits of Content Writing

Content is essential to make a website, a sale, describe a product or service and promote your business. However well-written content will be much more beneficial. Here are just a few of the benefits of content writers and their content writing.

Represents the Business Well Through Creative Writing Work

Firstly, it will represent your Scottish business well. Content that is incomplete, with spelling errors or just not written well will reflect badly on a business. Our content writers will write on any subject accurately. This will represent your products and services well. They use a combination of different software’s to make sure that the content is readable, spelt correctly and makes proper use of grammar. Our writers will also proofread their work to catch any errors missed by the programmes, and to make sure the text flows well when read.

Increased Customer Interaction

Boring content will put customers off, and they are likely to leave your website to find a different one that has content that is engaging to read. Our writers will write engaging and interesting content, that will attract customers, while also informing them about the products and services you offer. This is more likely to grab their attention and keep reading. As they will learn all about the products and services, they will be more likely to interact with Call to Actions, and get in touch with you, or make a purchase. 

Insight to Products and Services

The Marketive Writing team will learn about your business along with any products and services you offer. This means they can write complete descriptions that accurately convey the benefits and uses of products and services you offer. This full description will let the customer learn all about the products and services, and will answer questions about them that the visitor didn’t even think about yet. They are more likely to buy a product after having a complete insight into it, where they know all the benefits and extra information they might not have considered initially. This will also give you an edge over your competitors.


Our Creative Content Writer team, write in a way that is easy for visitors to your website to understand, but also in a way that works so search engines can understand them too. This is when they write with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind. They write using keywords and related words so that Google can read your content. This will lead to your website ranking higher and will increase website traffic. More people will see your website, which will likely lead to more sales and leads.

Personalised Unique Content

Our creative writing team will always write new content for your business. This content will be written from scratch, specifically for your business. This ensures it is not only accurate to your business but also helps it rank higher on search engines as it isn’t copied from another location where it’s already available elsewhere online.

What is Content Writing?

All the written information on your website and social media pages is the content. Google analyses this content to find Keywords, that are the same or are similar to what a user has searched. Google is a very smart programme and can even detect when content has been copied, or over-filled with keywords, negatively affecting your ranking position. So that is when you outsource to us to do content writing for you, which will save you the time and hassle. 

The content writers will learn about your business and research your competitors so they can improve and better your ranking position. They also work with SEO Analysts, who will research competitors for Keywords and word counts among other things. The content writers then take all this information and write a strong piece of text, that is unique to your business. It will be written so that is easy to read and understand, but also informative and will use keywords naturally in the text. This will drastically improve your Google ranking and will help more users visit your website.

The Problem

Do you have a website that simply isn’t attracting customers? Maybe your advertisements aren’t being clicked on? Are your product reviews from customers not as long or as descriptive as you’d like? These are all problems that our creative content writers can solve. So no need to worry, Marketive is here to help.

The Solution

Our content writers are ready to write. They have experience working on writing for all manners of businesses and are more than happy to help you by writing engaging content for your website, advertisement or review. 

We ensure the writing will be well written, accurate and engaging for your visitors, and also easy for search engines to understand the topic. With the Marketive team to help, your website, advertisement or email campaign will be a success and will help deliver your Scottish business more leads, interaction and sales.

The Marketive Writers Process

The Marketive Creative Content Writing team, all have their own methods of writing that work best for them, however, the general process we go through for each job is this.


Initially, a client will meet with our director for a consultation. At this stage, they will discuss the services they require and will agree on the topics for each page on a website for example. They will also find out any key information needed for the writing, and decide on Keywords.


Once the writers know the topics and pages, the team will discuss between them and divide up the work. This means that if any topics come up someone knows well, they can easily write on it. It also makes the team more efficient, by knowing who is writing what.


At this stage, the content writer will look at the topic they are writing on. They will also check the information on the company they have been provided, and will check the software they use for keywords and word counts.

They will then research the topic. This is so they can learn about it and write better on it. They might also check out competitor sites, so they can see how they have formatted the content, and what extra sections they might have included.


Here the writer will begin writing. They will write the text out, and might periodically check the software to see how the SEO side of the writing is coming, but generally, we write without the use of the software, as this ensures it is readable and understandable. If they come across any points they want to talk about and don’t know they will research more or might get in touch with the client to check some details. 


Once the writing has been completed, the writer will then use the software in more depth. This software helps with keywords, and headings and subheadings, so to optimise properly they will likely have to reword some sentences, add a little bit in here and there and maybe swap words out for different ones.


Once the editing has been completed and the writer is happy with the word count, and SEO, it’s time for proofreading. We do use software to help us while writing, but proofreading is always needed.

This ensures that the text is readable, flows well, and makes sense. We also look out for spelling and grammar errors. This will then be sent to the person in charge of uploading it to the website. Where it will then be uploaded, and likely proofread again.

Request Content Writing Scotland

Get in touch with us now for our Content Writing service. We offer a free 30-minute consultation, so contact us now to improve your website through writing. We offer Content Writing along with two other services, Web Design Scotland and SEO Scotland. You can visit those service pages for more information or you can contact us if you have any questions. Another service we offer is Graphic Design Services. We offer many different services for this, from branding and logos, to printed media such as business cards and leaflets and even elements for your website. You can check the service page for more information or get in touch.

The Marketive team is happy to work with any of Scotland’s businesses. It doesn’t matter if your website is for e-commerce, a portfolio, a blog or your business, we have the skills to work with you, to improve your website. We currently only offer content writing in English. Please get in touch with us if you have questions or enquiries.