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Graphic Design Scotland

Design Work for your Business in Scotland

Make your Scottish Business stand out from the crowd with Graphic Design

Graphic Design is the term used to describe the designing of Logos, Icons, Posters, Leaflets, Business Cards, Advertising and pretty much any graphic element. Graphic Designers are the people capable of designing any graphic, through years of study, designing and working with various clients.

These types of graphics are very important to every single company. You need a logo to represent your business, while also conveying the name, and being readable. You also need business cards to have all necessary information in a readable format on a tiny piece of card. 

Our Marketive Graphic Designer can help you with all your graphic design needs, for your business in Scotland.

Get in Touch Now

We offer several different design services, which you can find out more about below. Please get in touch with any questions or enquiries.


This service involves the creation or updating of a logo and brand. A Logo and brand are essential in business, as it is what represents your business. Our graphic designer really enjoys creating branding that works with each and every individual business. This will likely also come with a colour scheme for you to use on any media, which fits with the created logo. A logo and brand like this will become your businesses visual identity and the face of your company. A visual graphic is what represents your business to customers, both old and new. This also builds brand recognition. Branding can then follow onto Web Design, Web Elements, and any printed media projects.

Printed Media and Advertising

Do you need some Business Cards to give to customers? Or maybe you are planning on handing out leaflets? Are you needing advertising for your business in Scotland? Our graphic designer is happy to help. We can offer design services for most major printed media, including but not limited to business cards, loyalty cards, feedback request cards, leaflets, posters, menus, signs, packaging, stickers, and labels. 

Printed media is still very valuable, and acts as a lasting advert for your business. It is a great method for advertising. Design them right, and you will get the attention you wanted. Our designer knows how to design for print very well, and has a lot of knowledge of different print services and materials, so they can help you pick the best options suited to your requirements.

Web Elements

If you are getting you Website Design work done, you might want to also get some elements such as icons or graphics relating to your business, and in your colour scheme designed to add to your website. This will keep the theme on your site tied in and will make your website more professional. This will add to your visual identity and will help build brand recognition.

Joint Leaflet Advertisement

Marketive is offering businesses to get involved with a monthly or bi-monthly advertisement leaflet. The leaflet will have 15 individual sections for different businesses to add their advertisement. Our designer is happy to offer their design services to make your advert look fantastic in the allocated section. You can be sure they will get all the relevant information into the space with it still be readable. This will get your business and brand out there and will increase brand recognition and raise awareness of your business to potential new customers.

Tailored to your Business Identity and Brand

All of the services will be tailored to your business. The design will be created with your business in mind. They will represent the business and its products and services where appropriate, and any element will be designed to fit your business style. Our Designer is more than happy to work with any business and to offer any suggestions if you are unsure of what design is right for your business type.

Our Designers Portfolio

You can click the button to view our designers’ portfolio of previous work. This will open in a new tab, on another website, called Behance, which is an online portfolio site.

The Process

When you request any of the above design services, you will have a consultation with our designer, where you will discuss your needs, and any ideas for the look of the design.

From this, the designer will research into the business, industry and style, and will start developing a few ideas. You will be contacted throughout the process to have your say on the developing designs and will have the final say on the design you want to be finalised.

The designer will explain the designs and why elements have been used, so you can see exactly what the design represents, so you can make an informed decision.

If you are unsure of what style you would like, the designer will follow the same process, and will firstly offer a wider variety of initial ideas, so you can see your options and how you want to move forward.

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Contact Us for Graphic Design Scotland

Get in touch now for any of the Graphic Design services mentioned above. We offer a Free 30-minute Consultation and quote. Do you have a project or piece of work that isn’t mentioned above, but you need a designer for? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us now, with any questions, projects or enquiries.

Marketive offer many services, including Web Design. In this service, we design and create a fresh new website for your business. Additionally we offer SEO, where we analyse your website and optimise and improve it so it can rank better on Google. We do with by writing content to fit keywords and by improving your domain authority. Another service we offer is Content Writing. In this service, our content writers work to write unique content that works for customers and search engines. This improves your ranking and will engage more visitors. You can find out more information on any of the above services by clicking on their name.