June 9, 2021

Search Engine Optimization - Making SEO Work

Search Engine Optimization - SEO Definition 

SEO, short for search engine optimization. SEO is the peak of internet marketing and in this modern era, it is essential to have a good idea and vision for your business website.

Using our SEO services can boost your business website to the first page of the Google search engine, which as we all know can bring in a flux of new customers and potential buyers. 

Google is one of the most used and recognised search engines. As we search online for products such as cars, clothing and technology, we always search the first page of Google to find a website that fits our needs. 

If your page sits on any other page except the first page of the Google search engine you might be facing problems reaching out to new customers. 

This is why SEO is taken seriously and when done in a professional and highly skilled manner, the results can be impressive and great for your company.  

Your Site And How SEO Works

Bringing professional SEO into your business site can be highly rewarding. Our skilled team are prepared to take your website and boost it along with our creative content writer team.

Every business has keywords that potential customers search for, for example, if a customer needs a new roof tiled roof fitted. Their search might include, tiled roof, tiles, roofing in Dundee. These keywords which we will implement in our time with your site will rank higher on Google unlike other companies with the same motive who don’t have the same amount of keyword structure. 

Your business competitors might sit at the top but SEO can boost yours above them. This is why it is important to put in the time and work for SEO, which Marketive are ready to do.

So what is the process..

Each SEO Process Takes Time And Skill To Work

Starting with the basics, a SEO team will check through your website and then your competitors and see what they are doing to boost their SEO.

SEO teams have a skilled eye for error and will fully assess what needs to be done and the keywords our content writers will need. 

After a full study has been done, the SEO team will gather a high amount of keywords that are sent over to the content writer team. 

Content Writers And SEO

Content writers are eager to begin producing and writing content that will maximise your SEO potential. Each keyword has a place and the writers will study this to ensure each piece of writing is fully prepared for SEO.

After the content has been uploaded to your site, SEO teams will then again assess where your new and improved website stands on the Google search. This is to see which work is needed again to finalize the content and SEO.

Each Content Piece Is Checked By A SEO Team

During the initial process, SEO and content is checked and updated at all times to ensure it fits the needs required. 

Each structured page after being checked thoroughly is then uploaded and finalised by being checked once more through an optimiser system. Any errors or issues will be sorted.

 Ranking On The Top Of The First Google Page With SEO

When we search for things on Google, we always stay on the first page of our search. This is because the first page is more aimed at our keywords that we are searching for. 

This is why when your company is on the first page of the google search, you are more likely to bring in new customers. 

SEO plays a huge part in this ranking system, this is because SEO, search optimizer engine, takes the keywords from other competitors and revamps your website to ensure your website has more of those keywords, letting Google read your website and ranking it higher.

SEO works in many fantastic ways, this is why it’s needed to boost your business in the modern world. What do SEO workers do? They are the foremost important staff members of any marketing business. Taking websites to the top of the Google search along with the content writer team.

How Do We Do It - SEO Process

The SEO process doesn’t take a genius to work, although it takes time and skill to perfect. Studying your current website and any competitors then making a high list of much needed keywords to hand over to the content writer team. SEO workers always need to know the ins and outs of Google and how each page ranks and why.

SEO Masters, Let Us Show You.

Now is the time to boost and fully optimize your business and your website. Marketing companies offer all services, but finding the right marketing company may be hard. Marketive is here to help and assist you with every website you require. 

Choose us, and watch your website become a host for new customers. Contact us if your interested in acquiring our services or visit our about us page to learn more about us here at Marketive.

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