Rebranding: What can it do for your Business? 

 July 19, 2021

By  Eilidh McArthur

Rebranding can be a scary task when it comes to a business. Deciding to change or update the branding of an already established business can be a difficult task, but if you need to rebrand, it can be the best thing for your business. Rebranding comes with many benefits and opportunities, which we will explore through this article. 


Branding is the visual identity of a business. This comprises of a Logo, a small, generally simple graphic representing the business, which can include the business name.  It can also simply just be the businesses name. This is more common among smaller businesses or businesses such as lawyers or Accountants. However, your branding is more than just a logo, it is also how you present yourself as a business. So if you have a shop, how you decorate it is also part of your branding. If you have a website, the website design is also part of the branding. Everything that visually represents your business is branding, even down to the colours. 

The branding of a business is what builds a reputation for your business. It also sparks a connection with customers and passersby and most importantly helps you stand out against competitors. The brand is vital to a business, but the ability to adapt the branding to fit your growing business is just as important. This is where rebranding comes in. 

So, What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is the act of changing your branding. This can be from minor changes such as colour or part of the name to an entire overhaul of the design. 

Rebranding can be quite easy to do, especially if you work with a designer. However, you need to connect the old brand to the new, so customers know the business may have changed looks or names and can still find you. A lot of businesses, especially larger ones, will hold a Relaunch. This can be anything from an event to just a well-advertised sale over a weekend. You need to make it known, that the branding will change, especially if it’s a major change, so customers can keep up to date with the business. Businesses can simply release a post on social media to let people know. 

What can Rebranding do for your Business?

Rebranding offers the chance to change your visual identity, but what can this do for my business? There are so many different reasons to rebrand, so we have looked at a few of the most common reasons. 

  • Update

Perhaps you have changed the business name, moved location or added new locations, or just decided to update the colours or style. When expanding to a new area, smaller shops will quite often now add the location to the end of the name, such as “The Gift Shop St. Andrews” and “The Gift Shop Dundee”. This can make it easier for the business for bills and make it clearer on websites for visitors. This also adds a locality to the shop, making locals happy to have a local business and attracting tourists, looking for genuine local businesses. 

  • Refresh and Modernise 

Maybe your business has been around a good few years, and your branding might be a bit outdated. Rebranding to Modernise and refresh the brand is a great opportunity to bring your business into the current market, and make it stand out against competitors. On the other hand, maybe you really like a certain style of banding, and want to change to that, as it betters reflects your business. 

  • Allow Expansion

A lot of businesses, especially smaller ones, might start with a product-specific name, such as “The Cider Shop”. While this name is great for selling cider, customers will expect cider, and possibly a small selection of something else, but primarily cider. If your business does well, you might have the capacity to expand and begin also selling craft beers or local gins, but your name has restricted your business. Consider rebranding to update it to something less specific, which will allow your business the opportunity to expand in the future. 

  • Colours 

Changing your brand colours is also a form of rebranding. You might want to change colours to fit the season, which a lot of businesses are doing now. You might just want to update the colours or change them because they a similar to another business. This can give your branding and store a lovely new fresh identity and will attract attention as people will notice the colour change.

  • Competition

In the world’s global market or even just your local town centre market, you might run into some competition. Changing your branding, storefront, interior, name and everything might be necessary and beneficial to help get customers through your door. Businesses such as cafes, pretty much always have competition, but by aiming for a different brand, and updating your interior, you can still get customers in. 

When to Consider Rebranding

Rebranding is rarely thought about when starting up a business and is never included in business plans, as no one expects to have to rebrand. Your business might not need to be rebranded, but it is a good thing to keep in mind as you can use its breathe some new life into a business as well.

You should consider rebranding when the visual identity doesn’t fit your business anymore, or when it has become outdated. Your brand should represent your business, so make sure it fits with your business. For example, maybe you have an antique store and have a simple, modern logo. Perhaps you should think about rebranding and creating a vintage, antique logo that directly links to the business. By doing this even if it just includes a name, customers and passersby will instantly know the store deals in antique and vintage items.

Having a logo accurately represent your business is so beneficial. It makes it clear to new customers what the store is and will likely attract more customers who will make purchases, as they will have walked in knowing what to expect.  

Another reason to consider rebranding is to stand out against the competition. Having competition be useful for a business. Working to build a successful business by standing out against competitors is a great opportunity to completely overhaul the business and give it a new lease of life. 

Overall branding and rebrand are invaluable to businesses and can be very useful tools for representing your business and attracting customers. A rebrand may feel daunting but it will be worth it. Working with designers makes the process easier, as they can translate all the information into graphics to represent your business accurately. 

To all business owners, don’t forget how useful and important branding is to your business, and make you use branding and rebrand to help your business, as it is one of the most important aspects of a business, especially in today’s flooded marketplaces.

Eilidh McArthur

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