July 23, 2021

Wondering how you can improve your website’s rankings in Scotland? Asking how to get more people to find you on a Google search? This is where a tool like SEO comes in. With the help of an SEO agency, you can improve your visibility online and increase sales.

What’s it all about?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising your website so that it can be better understood by search engines and, in turn, increase the chances of gaining organic traffic. This is heavily dependent on the form of the content written and keywords that are included in said content. 

Search engines like Google use tools called crawler bots. Their job is to gather information from various websites and store this information in an index. Google then has algorithms set in place that evaluate pages based on a vast array of signals and factors. A page’s ranking is determined by these factors.

Search engines will also assess how easy a website is to navigate. The user friendliness of a site will have a significant impact on where it gets placed on the search results.  

Why hire an SEO Agency?

As a marketer, you may have a good knowledge of the importance of search marketing, but you might not have the resources or time to dedicate to SEO. This is where an agency comes in.  

SEO agencies have a deep understanding of search engines and they keep up to date with Google’s ever-changing algorithms. SEO is a continual process and improvements to your website won’t bring about instantaneous results. After the SEO techniques are employed, time has to be given for things like Google’s indexes to be updated, as your site becomes better optimised. But, by employing SEO you can expect to expand your organic reach over time.  

Your SEO strategy will be specific to your situation and an SEO agency is there to guide you through this strategy and do the hard work for you. If you have an existing website, they’ll discuss with you the ways in which it can be improved.   

Two major strategies for SEO are on-page optimisation and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation pertains to the content on your site; the keywords used, how it’s presented etc. Off-page optimisation, on the other hand, refers to the use of backlinks and tools that occur outside of your website. 

Another benefit of using an agency is that if they’re experienced, you can trust they have a good understanding of the market and your particular niche. What’s important here is that your target demographic is reached. An experienced SEO provider will have different strategies for catering to your specific audience. Moreover, they’ll know to rank your site for the specific location you’re marketing towards and this will free up the competition a little, so that you’re not trying to rank against the whole world when marketing yourself and your product. 

As stated before, SEO is an ongoing process and this means a requirement for reviewing your results and making necessary changes as time goes on.Google analytics can be quite overwhelming to navigate through; with various buzzwords such as acquisition channels, conversion rates, bounce rate etc. Not only that, but you then have to figure out what to do with these, and how to affect them! An agency will be very familiar with analytics and will be able to assess where you’re at and the next step to take.  

Marketive’s SEO Services

Looking for an SEO agency you can trust to produce results? 

Marketive is a Scottish based SEO agency that is here to help you grow your website online. We build and improve websites for businesses across Scotland that are optimised for search engines. There’s a lot of competition online for businesses to market their websites against, so you need an agency you can rely on to help you come out on top. 

You can check out our list of pages for SEO in your area, or if you’re in need of other services such as Web Design or Content Writing we provide those too. 

About the Author Wayne McDonald

Web Designer, Marketer and Managing Director of Marketive LTD Just an all round good guy !! ?

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