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Aberdeen SEO

Optimise your Website to meet your Business Target with Search Engine Optimisation Aberdeen

How Can Aberdeen SEO Help My Business?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the best method of increasing website traffic. This won’t just be any website traffic, it will also be a better quality of traffic. SEO will help boost your website, so people searching online for the service, product or solution you offer, will be more likely to see your business. This is an organic way to increase traffic, as it isn’t through paid adverts, but through an SEO service that will help over a long time.

If you are looking for a new site, or have only recently created created your company site you may be wondering what can Marketive do to first start getting web traffic for your site? Search engines will first analyse your websites in a process known as crawling. They will then select the pages to feature on their search results and add them in a process known as indexing. Marketive can as part of our SEO service create the documents necessary for crawling and indexing your website and upload them to Google to allow both processes to happen.

Marketive is happy to work with any type of companies or businesses. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or enquiries.

Small Businesses

SEO can help you receive more customers. It can also help increase exposure to your brand, products and services in a natural way, without paid adverts.

Established Companies

SEO can increase your ranking on search engine results and help you stand out from your competitors, and reach new customers.

Start Up Business

SEO can give your new business a great boost. By helping you stand out from competitors and getting your brand known in your target area.

Enhance your Website with Aberdeen SEO and Meet your Target

We offer a free SEO Audit for your website. We will check all things that can be improved on your website to push it up the ranks in Google, and claim that number one spot as your own. 

SEO Aberdeen

The Process behind Improving your Business Website through Optimisation and Content

Here at Marketive, we have a tried and tested way of enhancing your website, for SEO in Aberdeen. Below you will see a brief description of the stages we go through. However there is a lot of work involved in every stage, all based around helping your business meet your target. We use Premium Tools through all the stages, which help us to enhance your website.

Analyse and Discuss Changes

We analyse what needs to be changed on your website, we run a SEO audit and advise you of any changes we suggest. Depending on your goals, we can target ranking for local, national or worldwide, along with building up your domain authority, and seeing if we can rank you on the Google My Business section. This is the selected group of businesses google brings up based on your location that is relevant to your search.

Keywords and Competitors

We then look more into keywords you want to rank for and find the best relevant keywords to also use in the content. We also analyse your competitors’ websites. This is so we can see what they are doing, and what keywords they are using, which helps us better direct the content to help you rank against your competitors. 

On-Page Optimisation

During this section we will check for page speed. We will check sitemaps and robot.txt, if your SSL certificate is installed and if your analytic tools are set up. Also we check your content length and keywords are appropriate on how you would like to rank, among a list of other jobs.

Backlinks To Build Relevance and Authority

Backlinking is where we find sites related to your website which can link back to your website. Google looks for backlinks as these show relevance to Google. They are also great for building your domain authority, and improving your Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. At this stage we can also build citations, which help improve your Google My Business Listings.

Monitor the Impact of Changes

After all the SEO has been carried out, we will then monitor your site. We will leave it and then monitor the results after 30 days for big changes, or around one or two weeks for smaller changes. This is where we can see exactly how the website has shaped up and how the ranking has improved. We will monitor the keyword position and chart the movement.

What can SEO do for your Website and Business in Aberdeen?

SEO is the process of improving the content on your website. This content is what Google uses to assess and rank your website in comparison to other sites that are similar or offering the same products or services as you. 

Increased Visibility and Ranking on Google

Improving your content through Marketive will give your website a fantastic boost in ranking and relevance to more search terms that fit your business. This means you will show up in more search results as we focus on one keyword, but will also use several others that are related to the business, product or initial keywords throughout the content. This casts a wider but still relevant net, as not everyone uses language the same way, and there will be hundreds of different commonly searched terms that will relate to your business.

By using a range of related keywords, your website is more likely to appear on more relevant searches. For example, most people might search for “Cafes Aberdeen”, but others might search for “Coffee Takeaway near me” or “where can I get a Buttery”. We would use keywords relating to the products and services you offer, but here you can see a simple example of how varied peoples searches could be.

Increased Website Traffic for your Business

As more keywords will be used, and more search terms related to, you will get more traffic to your business website as well. This traffic will be good, as they will be people that are looking for your service or product, therefore providing you with more business and more potential leads.

Organic Exposure through SEO Services

Another SEO benefit is that your business will get more exposure organically. This means that potential customers will see your website and business more, and naturally, not through paid advertisements. By using the correct Keywords and improving your content so that it is engaging and unique, you can target specific search terms that will direct customers to your business organically. 

What is SEO?

SEO simply put is the process of enhancing a website to improve visibility to related searches and therefore, potential customers. Marketive offer Aberdeen SEO, for all your SEO needs in and around Aberdeen.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. This means optimising or upgrading your website, so it can be better understood by search engines, and appear higher and more often in search engine results.

All Search engines use Crawler Bots. These Bots collect information on different web pages and collates that into an index. Then, several algorithms scan through all the pages. These algorithms look for hundreds of different signals and factors. Google has well over 200 signals it analyses pages for. No one knows what all the 200 signals are, but we do know a few. These signals and factors are what determine the pages ranking place for a search result. There are many different factors, such as; Domain Authority, Readability, Mobile Friendliness, Content Quality and Content Optimisation. Along with things such as Keywords and Relevance to the search query. Marketive can help build and improve your website to cater to these signals, and many more, through optimisation.

The Problem with Self - SEO

Is your website not meeting your expectations? Maybe you aren’t receiving as many sales as you wanted, or not receiving many new customers for the services you offer?    

There are so many different aspects to a website it is hard to do them all correctly by yourself. Even if a few aspects are done well, you might have one or two that aren’t fulfilled and will negatively affect your visibility and ranking. Marketive has a strong team who will work together to improve every aspect of your website.

The Solution -

Work With Us Today for SEO

SEO can help solve your problems. Here at Marketive we will work with you, towards your aim. We will use our knowledge of SEO along with Premium Tools to enhance your website. We will find any aspects that might be affecting your ranking, and help you improve it.

Marketive is the solution for all your Website needs.

Request SEO Aberdeen

Marketive would love to work with you, to help improve your website. It doesn’t matter what your business or company is, we would love to help make your products and services known, through the best practice of SEO. Please get in touch with us at Marketive if you have any inquiries or questions about SEO Aberdeen and what we can do for your business.

We offer SEO across Scotland. You check our complete list of services or get in touch if you have any questions.

We also offer Web Design services, if you need a complete overhaul of a website, or would like a website built. Marketive can help with our website design service. You check out our Web Design for Aberdeen for more information. We also offer our website design service across many cities, you can check our service list or get in touch to see if we can help

Another service we offer is Content Writing. This is where our writing team write content to help boost your website. You can check the page for more information. 

Additionally, we offer Graphic Design Services. We offer many different services for this, from branding and logos, to printed media such as business cards and leaflets and even elements for your website. You can check the service page for more information or get in touch.