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Dundee SEO - Get SEO Today

Websites are an essential aspect of business nowadays, but with so many online, it can be hard to see the benefits of having one. This is where we come in. Using Search Engine Optimisation, we can enhance your site to improve its ranking and visibility, therefore increasing traffic, and customers to visiting your page. In sum, Marketive have a fantastic team ready to help boost your business. You may be wondering what are the best tools for SEO? The truth is there is no one SEO tool that covers every aspect of SEO. As such Marketive employs many different SEO tools as part of our SEO service. These will be implemented and used as part of an SEO audit that covers all aspects of your website from on and off-page SEO to analytics and keywords.

Starting Your Business and Website

Do you want your new business to flourish? Consider internet marketing to boost your site and optimise its full potential for incoming customers. Moreover, we will do the hard work for you.

Visualising Out-Reach

Got your idea of how your business will look after you have achieved more customers? Our team can help bring that idea to life.

Expanding Your Business Online

Requiring a boost for your current established business? Marketive are on hand to up-lift your site and give it the marketing boost it deserves

Need support on where to start with a Website?

Contact us now with any questions or enquires. We offer a Free SEO Audit and Quote for your website. We will analyse it and see what can be improved to boost your site to number one!

Outrank Your Competitors With SEO

SEO Icon

Each website and domain on the internet is ranked. Online, we can see which site has ranked the highest by which comes up first on the search engine, e.g. Google. So, how are these pages ranking higher up than yours on a search? Let's say you have a Carpet business. Now, let's say that when carpet products are searched for on Google, your site doesn't appear on the first page. Well, that's the first red flag. 

We want YOUR website to be on the first page for that google search so new customers can find your business and go to your domain and start browsing, hopefully leading to a purchase.  This is where we come into play. Our SEO team is fully trained and ready to fully optimise your site to take it from the bottom to the top.

What we do at Dundee SEO to get you Business on Top


At Marketive, we increase your visibility and ranking on internet searches. This means new and valuable customers. By prioritising keywords we can use modern technology to take your site from the bottom to the top of searches. Taking into account your competitors, we will study and work to make your site more inviting and more user-friendly. This will vastly improve your sales as customers will keep on coming back to your new and improved site. By using our services, you will see a more organic viewer reach. In other words, new customers and viewers that weren’t reached through a paid advertisement. They will find your website through the more natural method of searching for a keyword and finding your site.

Our business is your business

What is Dundee SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimisation. Described as an art or science, SEO studies each page of your website and reads each page to see where and how you use certain keywords which relate to your business or product, against Google's top rankings. For example - A carpet business keyword for their page might be stain resistant. Therefore SEO will check how many times you have implemented that keyword and check other competitors pages.

Although the process sounds simple, it takes time and skill to learn the inside and outs of this process. Here in Dundee, our team is ready to optimize your website and web pages.

The Problem with Ignoring SEO

A lot of websites don't perform as required, this is due to many factors. Do you need more customers and better leads? Would you like more interaction and views on your blog? Or maybe you simply want your website to rank higher than it currently does, so more customers can find you?

The Solution - 

SEO Dundee

Our team at Marketive can help you reach new goals and potentials. Using our extensive knowledge of SEO along with premium tools, we will enhance your website. Additionally, working alongside you, we will evaluate any issues or problems that may be affecting your ranking and help you overcome them. Our SEO Team is the solution to your online problems.

SEO for your Dundee based Business and Website

SEO could look complicated to many business owners and website owners. Each process takes a different amount of time and dedication. For us, our team has a passion for SEO. Each job brings a new design idea for our creative team, which in turn helps out our team build on the website and its rankings. Dundee businesses are always looking to improve their domain and website and that's why we are helping out to take you and your business from 0 to 100.

How Does Web Design Come Into This?

Web design and SEO have a certain thing in common, their goal. In Dundee, we have been working hard on websites with our SEO and web design team to create something extraordinary. Moreover, every website we work on comes with its very own challenges. Each design needs to look perfect not only for our business owners but for our SEO team to help them take the website to the top of the Google ranking system. 

For us, the design and SEO is the important part. Marketing for a company page online comes in many forms and will always require a design team and an SEO team. Our marketing strategies are one of a kind as our team works with you to ensure maximum skills are being implemented for your company website.

Request Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

At Marketive

SEO Dundee is a step in the right direction to get your business website to be the best it can be. Marketive are happy to work with any businesses or individuals to improve your website, and work with you to your aims. Get in touch now for your Free SEO Audit and Quote.

We offer SEO across Scotland. Furthermore, we also offer a Web Design Service around Scotland too. You can check the Web Design page for Dundee, or get it touch with us if you any questions or enquiries about our services.

Additionally, we offer Content Writing alongside our other services. This is where our writing team write content to help boost your website. You can check the page for more information.  Another service we offer is Graphic Design Services. We offer many different services for this, from branding and logos, to printed media such as business cards and leaflets and even elements for your website. You can check the service page for more information or get in touch.