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In today’s world, if you have a business or are starting one then it goes without saying that the first thing on your list should be getting yourself some webspace. With so many people coming online for their information – both potential clients and critics alike- having an accessible site with great design can make all of those tasks much easier!

As Marketive specialises in website designs tailored specifically towards industries like yours, there’s no better place than us when looking into how to take care of this important step in establishing oneself as professional entrepreneur/expertise leader/etcetera).

Web Design Scotland

Web Design

A Professional Web Design Service in Scotland for Your Online Marketing

Website design is the art of making a website that looks good and performs well. Your company may require this, but maybe you’re not sure where to start? We have your back! Our services include all the basics of web development with additional steps for User Experience (UX) or Responsiveness – because people use devices such as phones/tablets these days when they go online looking up things on Google.

You’re likely wondering why not just do it yourself, but when you hire a web designer they can take care of the whole process and make sure that your site is in good hands. Our experienced team will ensure functionality tops condition so we retain vision for the website while keeping visual engagement high!


Business Website

The Marketive Team will work with you, to build a fantastic website to show off your business.

Ecommerce Website

he Marketive team will work with you to create a website to promote and sell your products.


If our other packages don't cover exactly what you need, please get in touch and we can build a Custom Web Design Package fit for your needs.

Web design that works as hard as you do.

Need a new website or already have one that’s needing to be refurbished? No problem. We’ll take look at your current site and discuss how we can help you reach all of those goals!

The look of your website is very important. For example, factors such as the style and color of the site affect how people view your product. If it’s not easily accessible or designed in an unattractive manner then they’ll simply walk away before giving yourself a chance at their business! You need to make sure that visitors get through those first few seconds on yours so invest wisely with regards to design if want success.

Consultation with our Team

First, we'll chat with you about your expectations for your site. We can choose a colour scheme that is consistent with your brand, which we will use throughout the site. Moreover, if you’re unsure of your intended design for the site, we can offer advice on what we think would complement your company well.

Building the Site

Next, our website designers will create your site. We’ll work with you to decide on the formatting of the pages and how everything should be allocated. In doing so, this will give us an idea of the appropriate number of pages and how information is displayed throughout.

Content and SEO​

We then include your prepared content for the site, along with any images. However, if you’ve chosen our content writing service, our content writers will have written engaging content for you that will better optimise your website for search engines.

Finishing Touches

At this point, we’ll have a complete design and a nearly ready website. During this time, our team will ensure that things like the site’s internal links are all functioning properly. When we’re satisfied with the website’s performance, we’ll get in touch. You can then ask about anything on the website and explore it for yourself. We can still make changes, though, so we’ll listen to your feedback and continue with the design until we’re both happy.


Web designers create and maintain websites for clients that specify what they want such as the general layout, graphical elements, layout of content, how to handle mobile devices, etc. They also interface with clients in their role as conversation facilitators and object negotiators.

Web designers may draft sketches of each page based on input from a client or a rough sketch by a graphic designer which serves as a creative reference point.

The web designer’s job doesn’t end at designing pages for a website though. They also make sure the site will adhere to accepted standards and browsers since newer versions of browsers use different HTML coding languages than previous ones did.

A website’s presentation often reflects the personality of the designer. But more importantly, it signals to users what to expect about usability and content.

The field of web design is an intersection between graphic design and computer programming; both disciplines are crucial when designing pages on the World Wide Web.

Computers have changed how we work, learn, communicate and buy goods. Increasingly, computers are becoming not just more powerful but cheaper too; like household appliances, they’re on everyone’s desk (and on phones).

Web design isn’t easy. People who love to create tend to want to do everything, and when they can’t it can be difficult or frustrating for them.

Web design is the creation of pages that are viewable over the internet by browsers in a meaningful way. There’s a lot more that goes into web design than many think, from figuring out what the main intent of your site will be through coming up with a content plan, creating all of your page structures and navigation paths, defining your graphical identity and logo, deciding on colors and fonts for everything from background images down to each button text color.

Web design skills are difficult to list in one paragraph, but generally that would entail skill in the following fields: graphic design, drawing, illustration, typography; CSS; HTML; JavaScript; usability design (human-computer interaction); accessibility (making websites easily accessible to disabled users.

Tools include Adobe software like Photoshop and Illustrator. General computer literacy is a plus too.

Learning web design from scratch is a large job. But it can be done if you know where to start.

To learn web design, you need exposure to the basics of HTML and CSS which are standards for building a website. And this type of information can also teach you about other related topics such as SEO and Google Adwords while increasing your knowledge in coding languages.

Most web designers have had years of experience and even trained through college and university. So if you want a website that really stands out, you are best to leave it to the professionals.

If you’re building a website for the first time, there are some really great resources online that can teach you.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript Frameworks like jQuery need to be mastered before moving forward with your site; however, the best way to learn these skills would be to work alongside someone who already has them.

Learning this can be time-consuming and agonizing. If you don’t have time for this, call a professional. We can do research and build something to your liking.

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How we can help you get more business?

Web design can help a small business grow. Websites and internet marketing provide access to a larger audience than the physical location of the business. A website and an active social media account can help generate interest and interest in the products or services that you offer. The use of the internet and websites can bring customers that would never find your business without it.

A website is a great way for small business to take advantage of the web. When you create a website, you give yourself an important tool for marketing and promotion as well as internet sales. If your website looks professional and has multimedia content such as video, you will attract more visitors and increase your sales. Even small business can stand out with a great looking website.

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