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Websites are becoming an essential asset to businesses. Whether they are an E-commerce site for products, a site to explain and attract customers to your services or simply an online portfolio website, they are important. Most customers will find businesses through advertising and social media, however, they are likely going to check your website, before thinking about buying from you. Your website needs to be well designed and full of engaging and accurate content, to make those visitors trust your business, and take the steps to become customers. But don’t worry, Marketive are here to help. 

Web Design - What is it?

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Web Design simply is the act of designing a website, that is viewed online. This process exists to help all manner of businesses with website designing, as it can be a daunting task for those not used to the software and methods required. Thankfully, Web Designers are happy to help, by using their expert knowledge, they can build a fantastic website to help promote your business. 

We work to make your website visually interesting and to work with your brand. We also think about the User Experience of a website. This is commonly referred to as UX. This is how the visitor to your website will experience it. You want it to be full of accurate and engaging content, but it also needs to load fast and be simple to navigate. With more and more people accessing the internet more often through phones and tablets, it also needs to be responsive to different viewing platforms.

Here at Marketive, we have all that covered. Our Web Design team will work with you to build a website or improve an existing one, that works for you and for the users.

Development of your Website and your Business

Whether you have a website already or need one built from scratch, we can help. We will analyse your website and then discuss with you your aims for the website. Along with elements such as colour and style, so we can work toward your vision. You are at the centre of your business, and so you should be at the centre of your website. We will work with you at every stage and work towards a common goal. If you are unsure of what you would like, we are happy to use our knowledge to offer suggestions that best suit your goal and company. 

A well-designed website, instantly makes visitors feel at ease, as they are more likely to trust your business. Online shopping is a minefield and everyone has likely had an issue, so people are wary of companies that are new to them online, however, a clear, modern website will put them at ease. 

Visitors are more likely to explore and read through websites that are easy to navigate and have engaging written elements. We offer Content Writing with our Website Design services. This is simply having our trained content writers write the text for your website. They will use their skills to write about your company, services and products in an engaging way, that will attract visitors and encourage them to make a purchase. 

Create a Website, Perfect for your Business and Brand with Marketive

A website is essential now, and it needs to be looking its best and running smoothly. Web Design Aberdeen is here to help. Get in touch with us now, to arrange your Free 30 minute design consultation.

The Marketive Process for Web Design

step 1

Consultation to Discuss our Clients Need for their Business

At this stage, we will analyse your website and discuss with you your aims and targets for your business. We can offer suggestions on how to achieve them through the website layout. If we are building the site from scratch, we use this time to discuss your vision and aims. At this stage we will likely decide on a colour scheme that fits your branding, that we will use throughout your website, to give it a professional look.

step 2

Building your Website Design

Here is where we will build your website or where will build up and improve your current site. We will work with you to decide on the categories, and how the pages should be split. We will also start inputting different layouts and formats. This gives us a solid base for the next stage.

step 3


Here will input your content, into their respective sections. We will also let you know of any extra text or images possibly needed. However, if you have opted for the content writers to help, you can relax. Our writers will have already been working on producing your written elements for the different pages.

step 4


Here is where we combine all the elements into one professional website, your website. Once we are happy with how it looks and performs, we will have another discussion with you to go over the designs, layouts and sections. We can still make changes at any point so, you can have a look through it, and take your time. You can let us know of anything you would like changed and we can get that done. Once everyone is happy, your website will be complete.

The Marketive Teams you will work with

Web Design involves two main teams. Below we briefly introduce them, and what their role will be in building your website.

Creative Web Designers 

Our website designers will work with you and your brand and business, to create the best website for you. They will use their knowledge to create beautiful websites that work well and will help you get more customers.

Our clients are at the centre of their business, so we work directly with you, so the website will represent your business, style and services perfectly on a digital platform. The Web designers will offer any support throughout the process. Our web designers will work through the process of consultation, building and web development, before reaching the final output which will be what you envisioned for your company in Aberdeen.

Content Writers - Web Development

If you opt to have your content written by our trained content writers, you will also work with them. Our writers are able to make any content, engaging and informative. This attracts the visitors and grabs their attention and they are more likely to continue reading. Meaning they will learn about your business, products and services, and be more likely to make a purchase. 

Our writers will work throughout the whole process. They will take information from you about your business, products and services, and will begin writing. Once the website is built up, their content will be inserted into the respective sections, where you can see your website fully completed.

Your vision and our expertise will create the best website, suited to your business and goals.

Web Design Packages from Marketive

We offer a few different Web Design Packages, so you can get all the elements you require for either a Business site or E-Commerce site. If neither of those fit what you are looking for, we also offer Custom Packages. You can see the main features of these below. 


The Marketive team will work with you to create a website to promote and sell your products.



  • Up to 5 email mailboxes
  • Up to 10 pages to showcase your business and products
  • Responsive Design
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Basket and Payment Pages
  • Shipping Costs set up
  • Payment integration with Paypal or Stripe
Custom Package

If our other packages don't cover exactly what you need, please get in touch and we can build a Custom Web Design Package fit for your needs.

  • How many emails do you need?
  • How many Pages does your site need?
  • Do you need a Blog or News page?
  • Do you need a Gallery?
  • Are Basket and Payment Pages required?
  • Do you need Shipping Costs set up?
  • Is Payment integration needed?
  • Do you require any extra features?
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Contact us now, for our Aberdeen website design services. We offer a 30-minute free consultation and quote, so get in touch to enhance your website. We are passionate about helping improving businesses digital presence, through our many services. 

Additionally, we offer Website Design across several areas in Scotland. You check our full list of services to see if we can help, or get in touch. We’d be happy to help. We also offer Content Writing as part of web design projects. You can check the page for more information.  Another service we offer is Graphic Design Services. We have many different projects available for this, from branding and logos, to printed media such as business cards and leaflets and even elements for your website. You can check the service page for more information or get in touch. Another service we provide is an SEO service, where we can work on an already established site to improve your ranking and visibility. You can see the Aberdeen SEO page for more information. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or enquiries.