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Do you have a website you need built for your Dundee business? Perhaps you’re wondering what it all entails and what you need to look for. No worries, in this blog, we’ll be covering everything you need to know about web design and what will work best for your Dundee website. 

Choosing a Web Designer 

Choosing the right web designer is no mean feat. The design of your website is going to determine the first impression you make on any new visitor to your site. If someone who has never heard of your business before clicks on your site and struggles to navigate it or is put off by the colour scheme, it could have a major impact on how they view your business and deter them from sticking around. 

You want a design for your site that is relevant to your business and attracts your target audience. A reputable web designer will appreciate this and make a top priority in their work process.

Keep reading for some more key factors to look out for.

They Value your Input

You want to choose someone that’s actually going to take on board the ideas you have for your website. You’re the one who knows your niche and your demographic. 

Having said this, it’s important to find someone that will confidently put forth their own ideas, given they have experience in web design and should know what will perform well.  


Make sure you enquire into the web designer’s previous projects to verify if they’ll be a good match. Screenshots of home pages are one thing, but it’s better to test out some of the websites they’ve designed and see how well they function. Aesthetics is just one part of attracting customers; ensuring the site is actually usable will keep them. 

Caters to Multiple Platforms

According to statista.com, over 50% of web traffic has come from mobile devices in 2021. This means that websites are required to have a design that is cross-device friendly, if they expect to keep half of the traffic in this day and age. Your web designer should be using a page builder that has responsive design. This means that the pages built will automatically adapt the content to fit the screen size of the device being used.     

Up to Date

A web designer may promise a lot and have a long standing record but make sure they’re current with the times. What you don’t want is to get a design that’s severely outdated. Web designers should be staying up to date with the latest page builders and design trends. If you think about the visitors coming to your site, who wants to click on something that looks like it was popular ten years ago. They are more likely to trust a site that looks current today. However, functionality is king and that should ultimately trump any new flashy design trend that won’t be around long. 

Stable Company

It’s understandable that you may be eager to just get a site up and running as soon as possible. However, this can lead to making the rash decision of choosing an unreliable contractor or company that may not be around very long. Each year, several web design companies emerge and several close down. Consider the longevity of the company you’re looking into. It’s good to have a company that has been around for a little and plans to stay. With something as ever-changing as the internet, the businesses that have remained are the ones that have learned to adapt. This means, they’ll be able to help you evolve your website, just as you have to adapt to the regular changes of the internet.   

Web Design with Marketive

With us at Marketive, you have three different packages to choose from. We take into consideration the fact that you might have a business or e-commerce website. Or, if neither of those fully suit your needs, we offer custom packages as well. 

Marketive’s web designers will make sure your website is eye-catching  and easy to navigate. They’ll implement your colour scheme of choice as the site’s continuous theme and will prioritise representing your website in a way that stays true to your core message and values. 

You can visit our Web Design Dundee page, or even the Web Design Scotland page, for more information on the process and what we offer. 

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