What is the Importance of Content on a Website?

So maybe you get the gist of why you should be using SEO to increase exposure for your website. But perhaps you’re indifferent about the content. Why should it matter what’s on there, as long as you’re getting eyes on the site, right? Well, hold on a second. 

High Quality Content

Writing content that is, not only page optimised, but also of a high quality is going to make someone want to stick around longer. That means more time browsing what you have to offer and if you’re selling products, increases the likelihood that they’ll buy. 

Writing quality content should be a top priority for you and your website. You can use it to include all of the necessary keywords you need on your page, whilst also providing a useful service for users. 

If your content provides value, people will be more likely to share it and return to your website. What does it mean to provide value in this context? Ensuring you answer the questions on your site that the searchers are asking; knowing what it is that you’re providing for your audience (is it information, entertainment?); giving them a reason to stick around or share.  

When the content is relevant to the user, they’re more likely to interact with what’s on your website. This is ultimately going to benefit your ranking on the search results. 

Trust leads to sales

Having high quality content on your website is also going to generate trust from your visitors. They’ll be able to rely on you for the right ideas or entertainment which gives you more authority. Because of this, you’ll be able to guide your audience to the products you want to sell or have affiliate links to, and thus achieve more sales. 

According to TrustPilot, 89% of people reported that they read online reviews before buying a product in 2020. This not only means there’s an expansive market for product reviews, but it also means that people are looking for sources of information to guide them in their buying. You can be this source with high quality content. 

Content that can Stand the Test of Time

Content that remains relevant no matter the time or circumstance is referred to as Evergreen Content. If you have this type of content on your site, it’s going to remain useful to you for a long time. Now if your content is of a high quality, that’s already a major factor, but there are some other specific niches you can delve into that have this evergreen nature. This includes: tutorials or guides, top ten rankings, scientific findings, entertaining/comedic stories. 

There’s also certain qualities to evergreen content that you should consider: It’s written well and is understandable for a universal audience. The content revolves around a broader topic in a particular niche. Isn’t reliant on a specific event or time. Can be frequently updated. Works well with page optimisation. 

With that being said, it’s good to balance your content with evergreen topics and also current trends that may not have as long a lifespan because the latter can draw in new visitors. 

Website Usability 

The usability of your website has a great effect on how well it performs and attracts new visitors. What does this have to do with content? Well, perhaps you’ve followed all of the previous steps to create content that is shareable and to a high standard. But, if people aren’t able to access it, or easily navigate between the content they’re looking for, what’s the use?

You want all of the content on your site to be easy to find and clearly categorised. As well as having a menu with all your pages, tools such as internal linking will greatly help this. If you mention a study or another topic you’ve also written about on your page, give it a clear link for the reader to instantly access.

This kind of attention to detail will improve user experience and keep people on your site.

Looking for Content Writing?

Maybe you don’t feel confident in writing all the content yourself. Well, here at Marketive, we offer content writing as one of our services. This can include writing all the information about your business, such as who you are and the services or products you provide. Our content writers ensure that everything written is optimised for search engines whilst also remaining engaging in nature. You can find out more on our Content Writers page. 

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