You might be wondering why a small, local business, should be aiming to rank high on google? Ranking high on Google Search Results is important for any business, no matter their location or size. It brings so many unique benefits to your business, which we will explore in this article.

Peoples Search Habits

The search habits for Google have some stark statistics, but before getting into the numbers, let me ask you a few questions.

  • When you search for anything on Google, how often do check the second page of results? Rarely? Yeah, we are the same here.
  • When you search on Google, how often do you go to the first result (That is not in the location or advert sections)? A vast majority of the time? Of course, we all do the same.
  • If you don’t find what you want with the first result, how often do find what you were looking for with the second or third result? Most of the time? You guessed it, we are the same too.

In today’s day and age, Google is very advanced and most of the time provides you with results that you need within the first three results, and if not then it’s extremely likely to be on the first page. So the reason we managed to guess your answers to the above questions is that that is the case for everyone, and the statistics prove that. 

Websites on the top get a massive 42% of the traffic, whereas the second site gets 11% and the third only gets 8% of the traffic. The first page of Google search results, roughly 10 different sites, receives 89% of all traffic, whereas the second page only receives 4%. 

From these statistics, it’s clear to see just how important it is to rank high on results. The higher you rank the higher chance you have people visiting your site and that chance drastically increases towards the top. 

We always generally refer to Google for our services, and this is because Google accounts for 88% of the global search engine market, and 92% of the UK search engine market. With Bing at 4.5% and Yahoo only at 1.7% of the search engine market. We refer to Google as it is the main search used, and is hugely popular, compared to Bing and Yahoo, which have definitely dropped in popularity since Googles growth.

So, What does Google Look For?

Google “reads” through your website, but not how we would read through it. Google has Crawler bots that search sites for hundreds of different factors, which all affect your rating. These bots do look for titles, subtitles and body text, however, they also check for things such as loading speed, images, how the data is formatted and many more. Google Bots search for over 200 different signals, most of which we don’t know, but we do a fair few that will drastically increase your ranking.

Google features

Google is a great search engine and makes life easy for those searching online. It comes with several different features that are useful to know.

  • Answer Box – This is a box at the top of the list of search results. This is when the search is formed as a question. Google takes the answer for top ranking website on that topic and shows it either as text, a list or a table. 
  • People Also Ask – Following on from the questions and answers, if someone asks a question, it will show up with a selection of questions related to the original question, that people have also searched for.
  • Knowledge Panel – This is a panel that shows up when you search for something specific such as a business, a person or location. This panel will show up on the right-hand side of the search on a computer, and at the top on mobile. It shows useful information on the topic.
  • Map Pack – This is a small section near the top of your search results, that show you places related to your search that in your area. Alternatively, if you search for a specific area, it will show up places in the searched area. This can be a really useful target to rank on if you are a local business, looking for more recognition in your local community and surrounding area.
  • Google My Business – Google provides this free tool so businesses can manage their presence across Google. By completing this out, you are more likely to show up in the Map Pack as it will know your local area, and in the Knowledge Panel, as it will have information on your business to show anyone who searches for it. You are encouraged to input an address, contact information, opening times and links to your website or social media pages. This makes it much easier for people to find your business and builds trust between a visitor and your business.

How do I get my Local Business to Rank High on Google?

You might be wondering how you get your website to rank high on Google for local searches. The answer is simple – SEO. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of optimising your website so it performs better on search engines. Here at Marketive, we have a team who all contribute to the SEO process. But what exactly is local SEO?

What is Local SEO?

One of the main parts of SEO is using keywords to your advantage. Keywords are the words you want to rank for, generally these a related to your business, products and services. For instance, if you are a Roofing company in Aberdeen, you might target the words “Roofing Aberdeen”, or you might offer Marketing Solutions for all over Scotland, you would likely target “Marketing Solutions Scotland” or “Scottish Marketing Solutions”.

Once a keyword is set, we will search and find related words and will build on that term. As Google searches for keywords, but also related keywords, also if you include a variety of keywords, you have more chance of ranking for more related search terms. For local SEO, we would look to including the city, or area within the keywords, as this instantly tells Google you operate in a specific area.

Local SEO Services

So SEO is the process of optimising your website to rank better on search engine results, but how do we do that? SEO has many steps, but simply we analyse your website to see how it’s performing currently. We will then identify areas that could be improved and we will work to improve them. We will work with you to choose Keywords, as keywords can differ for different pages on your website. For example, your Home page might target “Gift Shop Dundee”, however, you might target product pages to the product such as “Scottish Food Hamper” or “Whisky Gift Sets”.

Our Content Writers will get started on writing uniques content for your site while staying accurate to your business and products. They will write so the text is easy to understand and engaging for the reader and use Keywords and formatting to help Google read the page. The SEO Analysts will work on the website, improving its speed, and helping to build domain authority. Once content has been uploaded, the SEO Analysts will monitor the website over 2-4weeks to see how the improvements have affected the performance of the website.

What is the Benefit of SEO?

I am sure you can see from the statistics above that ranking high on Google has some very obvious benefits. Although there are lots of benefits you might not have thought of for SEO. Ranking high has a lot of benefits and only one downside, however, Marketive are here to help. 

More Traffic

Ranking high up means more people will see your website. This will increase your brand recognition and likely increase your customers as well. For a local business, this is a huge benefit, as if people in your area search for what you provide, your business will pop up on top which will encourage them to visit your shop, make a purchase or get in touch for your services. A lot of people like supporting local businesses, so appearing high up on google will reinforce that your business is trustworthy and reliable. 

Increased Authenticity

Appearing high in the search results will increase the authenticity of your business. Almost everyone will have had a bad experience ordering online so building trust with visitors is of huge importance. The reason the first 3 results get the majority of traffic is likely because these are the most trustworthy sites. People believe them to be trustworthy as Google has ranked them high up. If your competitors are large businesses meaning it’s harder to rank on top, you should include reviews of your products and services from your customers. This is also extremely valuable in building trust in your brand. 

Organic Exposure

Due to the increase in traffic and appearing high up in the results, your business will get increased exposure. More people will know of your business and what you offer and this will have been naturally. This means you have increased the knowledge of your business without paying for advertisements. This again builds trust with viewers. This will also really help with brand recognition and getting your business out there.

How our Services can help your Business Rank on Top

Marketive offer many services to help you rank on the top of Google search results. These three work together perfectly to create the best website for your website, however, we offer them individually, as you might not require all the services. 

SEO Scotland

Marketive offer SEO Services across Scotland. We can help improve your website to increase traffic and exposure, which will also increase your ranking on Google. The Marketive Director has 15 years of experience in the field and has a great team of SEO Analysts and Content Writers behind him, ready to work with you to improve your business website. We will help you rank for local searches and can even aim to get your business Map Pack section of Google results. 

Web Design Scotland

The Marketive team also offer Web Design across Scotland. Web Design is when we create a website for your business. We can also use our SEO knowledge in this process, however, if you like your current content or would prefer your own writing on your website, we can accommodate that too. Having a Website built can increase your ranking as we create sites with the user in mind, having a simple, easy to follow user interface, and optimising your website so it loads quickly. 

Content Writing

Content Writing is offered as part of both SEO and Web Design, as the content makes your website. It is where visitors learn about your business, products, and services and where Google searches for keywords. Our content writers write so it is easy to read and optimised for SEO, without taking away from the readability of the content. We also offer Content Writing for products reviews, advertising and email campaigns.

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