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The finest digital Marketing service in Scotland

Home Page

Welcome to Marketive!

Offering Our Services To Clients With Passion and Reliability 

Accommodating all your online marketing and Web Design needs.

Marketive offers the most professional service for your website and business to make your business stand out. For instance, optimising the features of your site to capture the attention of your current and new customers. Above all, ensuring the best experience when customers visit your website.

We make user experience our top priority and we will make sure to customise the design such as colours, to your scheme to make sure it fits with your business and brand. Furthermore, we can also help you create a new logo design for your business and give you the final design to add to your business cards or flyers.

With Marketive our passion is helping businesses reach their goal in becoming a top recognised business through marketing your business.

Visualising your ideas and optimising your future.

Our Services and What We Offer

Here at Marketive, our company can provide your business with a modern and professional marketing strategy for your company website, unique to your business and your business aims.

Digital marketing is the new way to utilise the internet and online based technologies.

Our job is simple yet effective, boost your website to create new customers and sales for your benefit.

Perfect Finish

Colour Themes to suite your business and style. We can edit the design to your needs. 

Unique to your Business

Created especially for your business with your targets and goals in mind.


Optimized for speed and user experience. Your site will rank better with a faster site. 

The services we offer are;

Web Design - Get Noticed

Catering to your business, we create unique sites for you 

Marketive offers unique Web Design, with eye catching features to capture your customers attention and make your business stand out from the crowd. Moreover, we make user experience a high priority when building your website to ensure every customer has the best experience when visiting your website.

Your website will be built around your business and brand, using complimentary colour schemes, to create a satisfying visual identity throughout the site.

Our design team will work with you on the planning and design of your new and improved website.

Search Engine Optimization 

Improving your websites ranking on search engines and increasing visibility

With millions of websites online competing for the same keywords, just putting up a website and hoping that it ranks doesn’t work. There are some lengthy processes to ranking a website at number one. Therefore, you need your SEO to be on point. We offer one of the Best SEO services in Scotland.

Firstly, we analyse the website; we will check all the main factors for your search engine optimisation and give you a general score on where improvement is needed. Then, we will put together a plan of action to help the website increase naturally. SEO takes time. There are a lot of steps in the process, from analysing the entire site, then making the improvements, and then leaving it for 2-4 weeks, to see how the improvements have boosted the SEO ranking.

Content Writing Done For You

Writing unique content, to inform customers and increase your search engine rank

Content is without a doubt the most important part of any website. It informs your customers on what you do, it can sell your service or product and it even allows Google to rank your site better. Therefore, with an understanding of how important content is, we offer a unrivalled Content Writing Service.

You let us know what keywords you are trying to rank for, we will analyse the current results and then write the content to ensure you get the best results to rank on Google, and get in front of more customers. What's more, our writing team are skilled at studying and writing for your company website, and ready to write on any topic.

Outstanding Graphic Design

Designing strong Visual Elements and Branding unique to your Business

Don’t have a company logo design? Or want to update it?

Not to worry, our designer can assist you with creating a brand logo, and visual identity, that compliments your business and style. Furthermore, we offer several different design services, that can help you improve the look of your business. Logo Design is important, as it is what represents your company, and is your main point of recognition for your business. 

Our designer will work with you, to achieve a solid design, that you can use on a web design or even on printed materials. We can also help by designing elements for websites, or printed leaflets and business cards.

About Us

Everything we will do while working with your company will be checked over thoroughly to ensure the design and content is up to the professional standards required. 

From our SEO staff to our Content Writer team, Marketive are prepared to work with you and your company on any projects. We will ensure you are left feeling happy and content with the services we provide, and will work with you every step of the way.

You can find out more about the team and the company by clicking the button below.

why we do it

Digital Marketing Is An Art

We understand the difficulties getting customers through your door. 

You focus on your business and let us take the responsibility of getting your business seen by more people, through different innovative digital marketing strategies.

Laptop For design

SEO Is Like A Game Of Chess

SEO is the process of increasing your website position in Google, for a search term related to your business. Although, SEO does not happen over-night, and it takes a lot of work.

Don't leave your Google position to chance, let us put in the work and get you higher on the Google ladder. We guarantee you will notice an increase in business, once you've reached the first page.

Andrew McPhee Owner Of Abertay Roofing

Abertay Roofing Approves.

Great web design service at affordable prices too. We got our website built and it was live with in 5 days. Marketive phoned to tell us the site was finished and want us to look over and approve the design. It was easy and fast.